Spartan Xtreme Rapid Transit 3.78L

Spartan Xtreme Rapid Transit 3.78L

Reference: C4098


Size3.78 L
DetailsXtreme Rapid Transit

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Xtreme Rapid Transit is a mega concentrate, custom designed for the mass transit industry. Xtreme Rapid Transit is formulated to remove road film, grease, road salts and other hard to remove soils from all types of vehicle surfaces. Xtreme Rapid Transit is ideal for brushless and automatic wash systems. Any surface not harmed by water may be cleaned with Xtreme Rapid Transit. Xtreme Rapid Transit may be used at light dilutions to clean floors, seats, and railings found inside most public transportation vehicles. At stronger, heavy duty dilutions, Xtreme Rapid Transit may be used to degrease engines blocks. Non-flammable, it can be safely used on warm engines. Xtreme Rapid Transit is phosphate free and formulated without harsh solvents or corrosive acids. Xtreme Rapid Transit does not produce irritating fumes or odors and effectively removes low to medium soil loads when used in pressure washing equipment. Xtreme Rapid Transit dries film free, spot-free and is non-streaking when used as directed.