Spartan BioRenewable Glass Cleaner 3.78L

Spartan BioRenewable Glass Cleaner 3.78L

Reference: C4069


Size3.78 L
DetailsBioRenewables Glass Cleaner

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  • Designed to clean mirrors, glass, and Plexiglas® surfaces
  • May be used to clean and polish any hard surface not harmed by water such as: window glass, panes and sills; mirrors, countertops, chrome, automobile glass, fluorescent lights and tubing, and any other glass or mirror finish
  • Removes tough soils such as: grease, smoke, oils, tape residue, food stains, dust, and dirt
  • Sold by the 3.78L jug, 4 jugs per case
  • Also available in a 1L ready-to-use bottle

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