Corrugated Recycles

The Symbols


The Corrugated Recycles symbol is used worldwide to promote, educate and encourage the recyclable qualities of corrugated.

By printing the symbol on corrugated products, consumers are made aware of its inherent recyclability. Placing the symbol on a corrugated container does not indicate that "this container is made from recycled material." Rather, it simply means that "this container can and should be recycled."


The calculated average of recycled content of corrugated sheet material currently being processed at our facility in Hamilton, ON is approximately 69% percent. This is comprised of 64% postconsumer fiber and 31% virgin fiber. Brown liners would be as high as 95% recycled whereas white liners would be as low as 21% recycled content.

Whitebird is committed to offering sustainable, environmentally friendly products to our customers. Whitebird purchases raw materials that are sourced from suppliers which are FSC and SFI certified. Should you require further details please reach out to your Whitebird Sales Representative.